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Montreal symposium: Stakeholder Perspectives

Hosted by Laura King, Catherine Fichten and Alice Havel
Dates: May 30 and 31, 2017
Location: Dawson College, Montreal, Quebec (Canada)


The purpose of the Montreal Symposium is to examine how different stakeholders can and should contribute and collaborate to ensure the accessibility of technology in postsecondary institutions to individuals with disabilities. A variety of experts have been invited to ensure representation among the key stakeholders such as senior managers, technology specialists, legal experts, service providers, professors, librarians, publishers and students with disabilities.  By listening to two keynote speakers and three panel discussions (the international perspective, the Canadian perspective, the student perspective) as well as participating in three guided workshops, we seek answers to questions such as:

  1. What are the barriers and facilitators to ensuring the accessibility of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to individuals with disabilities in post-secondary education?
  2. What are the barriers that prevent different stakeholders from being engaged? What helps engage them?
  3. What can different stakeholders do to facilitate accessibility to technology for students with disabilities? What do they need to do?
  4. Are there stakeholders who have not been traditionally identified and who should be encouraged to get involved?
  5. Are you aware of any research that has been done involving stakeholders and the accessibility of technology for students with disabilities? What future steps need to be taken to engage more diverse stakeholders?

See programme for details.

The "Proceedings of the Ed-ICT International Network Montreal Symposium:
Stakeholder Perspectives" are now available as PDF and Word (DOCX).